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The result was a bland series that simply failed to entertain. The realism of the series, unfortunately, managed to be its downfall. The show gives an inside look at the personal lives of female WWE stars, showing the true drama behind each of their careers and their relationships. The series has earned E!

The Arrangement

This show is an example of how faking drama can actually be a successful tool for entertainment. Ice-T started his career as a rap artist, and then started his successful career as an actor. The show was actually a success for quite a bit, lasting for three seasons. It didn't try to add drama to Ice-T and Coco's love-- it just showed them for what they were: This is one of E!

True Hollywood Story is not as true as it makes itself out to be. While some of the stories that are told in each episode may be true or have some true elements at least, a majority of the episodes are over-exaggerated in order to draw in more attention.

Real or Fake? The Truth About Some Of Your Favorite Reality TV Shows

The show has been on the air for 22 years now, and was nominated for numerous Emmy's in its early years. Unfortunately, the show hasn't received an Emmy nomination in 9 years, which may reflect the show's decline in quality. Whether the series is still entertaining or not, there is no denying that a large chunk of their content is untrue or exaggerated, which goes completely against its title. Medical patients would be examined, interviewed, and have their surgery information thoroughly researched in each and every episode.

It also didn't rely on drama or staging in order to entertain, and instead relied on facts, information, and empathy for the patients. The series, like many other reality shows on E!

The 8 Fakest E! Reality Shows (And 7 That Are Totally Real)

The first spin-off took place in Miami, and the second takes place in Atlanta. Unfortunately for fans of the show, both the Los Angeles and Miami versions of the show were cancelled in early February The Atlanta spin-off, however, has been going strong since premiere at the beginning of the year.

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Mariah's World was an 8-episode mini-series that followed famous singer Mariah Carey as she went on tour and prepared for her upcoming marriage. This ended up becoming one of E! Instead of relying on fake drama, the show looked into Mariah's real life as she endured her tour and became ready to start the next part of her life.

Mariah refused to even look at the series like a reality show because she didn't want it to fall into the common mistakes other series in that genre often fall into. Instead, she did all she could to show viewers the real parts of her life. Mariah's World was a breath of fresh air for E! For the past 11 years, E!

The show has become wildly popular, even arguably becoming the face of reality shows across all channels. It's even managed to earn itself 7 spin-off series, with the possibility of more on the way.

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The show has given A-list level fame to some of its stars, such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who in turn bring the fame back to the show, ensuring that its interest is never lost. Sound off in the comment section! We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. The show is really about watching this enviable couple renovate houses seriously in need of repair, customized for individual clients. And in the end, that is what they do Like with most house shows, homeowners have already bought the house before filming even begins, meaning they aren't really picking between the three houses at the beginning of each episode. None of the furniture or decor that Jo so carefully arranges is included in the budget, so the homeowners only get to keep it if they want to pay extra.

Four chefs have 20 or 30 minutes to create delicious dishes from a basket full of weird ingredients. The show has been airing on the Food Network since The time limits are real, the food is real, the backstories are encouraged, and filming takes forever. Since judging often takes 90 minutes for a round, the judges can taste the food right after it's made instead of waiting for it all to go cold or for the ice cream to melt by the time they get to taste it on camera. Sometimes, the reactions to the basket ingredients are actually just the contestants making a face, because they will film basket openings multiple times with the ingredients still covered up, just to get the perfect shot.

And yeah, sometimes, contestants are kept because they're good TV, and not necessarily because their food was up to par. The pantry has gotten to be a little bit less of a problem over the years, as contestants are now given the chance to walk through and look for ingredients before each round, but producers used to hide things or put out only one stick of butter, for example, to cause problems among the contestants. With help from a real estate agent, people tour bargain beachfront homes before deciding which one they want to buy.

The show airs on HGTV. The realtor couldn't find any actual clients, but she had just recently bought her own house with a water view, so she asked if she and her husband could be their own clients.

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  8. It was March, but they had to pretend it was the middle of summer, wearing swimsuits while shivering. So basically not a single bit of it was real other than the fact that they owned the house they chose, but at least she had fun. It's apparently not very realistic at all. The show was sued in by a North Carolina couple who claimed the series hired a contractor they didn't agree to, didn't use their deposit for the repairs, and left their home with holes in the floor, spots missing paint, and multiple windows painted shut.

    Legal Ownership

    In a Reddit thread asking for people who had been on reality shows, one user claimed their aunt and uncle had been forced to record both endings for their episode of Love It or List It, so the show could choose which one they liked better. They stayed in their home, but in the episode, they listed it. Another user said that a friend whose home was on the show discovered that the producers did whatever they felt like to the home, ignoring the homeowners' wishes.

    With help from a consultant and input from family and friends, a bride picks a dress from a boutique in New York. The show has aired 16 seasons on TLC. Unfortunately, the show makes shopping at Kleinfeld look like a much different experience than it actually is. The store is much smaller than it looks on TV as are most things, TBH , and not nearly big enough for all the brides who now want to go there because of the show.

    Appointments are 90 minutes long, and brides are not allowed to look through most of the dresses, which are stored out of sight. How do talk shows work? Do TV shows and book deals encourage criminal behavior? Just how fake are reality TV shows?

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    Can you guess the fakes? Behind the scenes secrets of faking real life. Fall, —Volume 44, Issue 2. We all know reality TV isn't real—so why do we still watch? Keep Watching " ".